2 – Wireless network – Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Tutorial 1 – Simple Tasks

Link to a wireless network with Ubuntu 12.04 http://idilix.net/ubuntu-tutorial.

How do I connect a ubuntu PC to the internet through a Windows XP PC?

Concern by colinmcparland: How do I connect a ubuntu COMPUTER to the web through a Windows XP COMPUTER?
I have a major notebook I use thats running windows XP home. I also have a desktop thats not enabled for wireless running Ubuntu 10.10. Is there any method I can link the Ubuntu PC to the web through my Windows XP PC?

The windows COMPUTER is on wireless web.


Finest answer:

Response by Triangular Guy
Why don’t you link the Ubuntu PC wirelessly? Wireless adapters are inexpensive.

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USB Wireless on Ubuntu

USB Wireless on Ubuntu

Quick tutorial showing you how to install a no-brand USB wireless adapter in Linux, Ubuntu. You will need your Ubuntu disc and your usb wireless driver disc. This basically installs windows drivers for your usb adapter on Ubuntu and it works very well. **INFO** Anyone trying to install a WNA 1100, the .inf driver file is named “netathur.inf.” – Thank you mpgorilla66
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How to install RTL8191S wireless card driver on Linux Ubuntu or Mint

How to install RTL8191S wireless card driver on Linux Ubuntu or Mint

This is video tutorial. I made it on laptop but ‘replayed’ all steps on my own computer using VirtualBox. It’s important to say that although that i installed driver correctly, wifi doesn’t work becouse driver is crapy. So… you can use this tutorial to install some other wireless card that installs on same way.

How to install Windows wireless drivers on ubuntu 11.04

READ: THIS IS FOR USERS THAT HAVE ETHERNET ON THEIR PC AND WANT TO ENABLE WIFI the song is dire dire docks from super mario 64 the laggyness and glitchiness on my desktop is from my dying 8400 gs link: packages.ubuntu.com
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This is a video on how to share a Wi-Fi Internet Connection to XBOX 360 from a Mac running OS X Lion (10.7) using an Ethernet cable. To find out how to do this in older versions of Mac OS X, I recommend you watch the YouTube video found at this link: www.youtube.com If you have any questions, please leave a Comment and I’ll do my best to help.
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How to setup wireless network with Ubuntu

This video will show you how to setup your wireless network within Ubuntu. Update: This video is outdated, this was meant for 9.04 Jaunty. If you are new to Ubuntu please visit their site for the latest release (11.04).
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Ethernet Bonding on Ubuntu

This is a short video clip about how to setup ethernet bonding on your Ubuntu server. For more information about Ethernet Bonding visit my Blog at mstjohn1974.blogspot.com
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Configure Static IP on Ubuntu

Configure Static IP on Ubuntu

webpagedeveloper.me If you’re like me then you don’t like to run wires all over the house to connect your home network. It is often easier to simply use wireless throughout most of the home. That is, until you want to connect devices that don’t have wireless capabilities. In my case, I have a desktop computer which does not have a wireless card. Instead of buying a wireless card for the desktop, I decided to configure an old access point to work as a wireless bridge instead. The wireless AP / bridge which I own is a TrendNET 638. In order to configure this device, like many wireless devices, you need to connect to it’s default static IP. The device does ship with a CD for Windows which makes this process easier, but I am using Ubuntu and I lost the CD. So, in order to connect to the devices static IP you first need to know the static IP. If you don’t know the IP, then your first task should be to find it. I was able to get the TrendNET 638’s static IP by looking in the devices user guide which is still available on their website, fortunately. The static IP address is Knowing the IP, now I need to change my computer IP so that I can connect to the device. From the little I know about networking, I remembered that the computer has to be on the same subnet as the device it is trying to connect to. (Please correct me if I am using the term subnet incorrectly here.) In my case I needed to manually set my network IP to It really doesn’t matter
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Wireless Internet on PS3, 360 on VISTA or XP

First off turn your volume up op your computer, i do talk in the video but it is not very loud at standard volume. With this you can get online with your 360, PS3 20GB, Xbox, ps2, ect… Using your computer as a bridge. This allows you to not have to directly plug into the router but you can just plug into your labtop or Desktop. This way you dont have to buy the 0 Wireless Adapter for the 360. You will need: 1.Windows Vista (also should work on XP) 2. A crossover cable, NOT A STRAIGHT THROUGH CABLE. The colors on the ends will not be in the same spot, the will crossover and be in different positions. Any further Questions IM me at lbjjrw or leave a comment

Q&A: How do I bridge my ethernet and wireless on my laptop in Ubuntu?

Question by Vistro: How do I bridge my ethernet and wireless on my laptop in Ubuntu?
I am setting up a new desktop, and it has an ethernet card. My laptop has wireless and ethernet. I can’t find the desktop’s USB, so I want to temporarily attach it to my laptop through ehternet and then use the wireless on the laptop to create a network bridge. They are both running Ubuntu 9.10. Is this possible to do?

Best answer:

Answer by RA
Yes, this is possible and relatively straight forward:

1. You’ll need a cross-over cable (or a switch) between the ethernet ports of the computers.

2. You’ll need to create on both computers static IP configurations for the ethernet ports in a subnet that is separate from the wireless subnet (e.g. on the laptop and on the desktop if wireless is 192.168.0.x or 192.168.1.x). In the desktop configuration, use the laptops ethernet IP address as the gateway.

3. On the laptop, you’ll net to enable IP masquerading so that traffic from the ethernet port gets forwarded to the wireless port. Instructions for how to do that are here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing

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